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Lloyd George Woodrow Wilson and the Guilt of Germany

Lloyd George, Woodrow Wilson and the Guilt of Germany, an essay in the Pre-History of Appeasement, 1984



  Guilt at Versailles

Guilt at Versailles: Lloyd George and the Pre-History of Appeasement, paperback 1985





Lloyd George and the Lost Peace

Lloyd George and the Lost Peace from Versailles to Hitler, 1919-1940, Palgrave, 2001

`Meticulously researched, cogently argued and  eloquently written, it offers a stimulating, original assessment of crucial  aspects of Lloyd George's foreign policy strategy... In a penetrating,  psychologically sensitive and insightful analysis, Professor Lentin offers a subtle and nuanced portrait.' Thomas Otte, Times Literary Supplement, 26 October 2001


`Lentin illuminates wonderfully Lloyd George's negotiating techniques ...The final result is  an enhanced respect for Lloyd George'. Alan Sked, BBC History, November  2001


`Lentin’s book is…to be welcomed as a vigorous reappraisal of a key moment in the vicissitudes of a personal reputation ... Many glib stereotypes are blown away.’  Professor Kenneth O. Morgan in English Historical Review, June 2002.


'The superb character portrayals, the apt quotations, and the rich anecdotes make it a delight to read. His portrait of Lloyd George is Unsurpassed...Lentin is...provocative because he is commanding.'  Professor Michael Fry, The International History Review, September 2002.



Last Political War Lord

The Last Political Law Lord: Lord Sumner (1859-1934) 2009

`Tells Sumner's story with brio and empathy, offering flashes of insight into wider Edwardian and inter-war politics as well as uncovering his subject's personal motivations, achievements and failures ... Lentin is a loyal and truthful biographer of Sumner, showing his flaws of arrogance and rancour as well as his courage, strength of personality, and commitment to ideals ... This elegantly written and thoughtful book deserves to be read. The author captures the main outlines of Sumner's legal contributions, and he has a sensitive understanding of Sumner's diehard brand of Toryism, and helps the reader penetrate into this now-extinct political mentality. Lentin's study of Sumner shows how much our understanding of the common law can be enhanced by the biographer and historian’. Joshua Getzler, Law Quarterly Review 2009, 125(Oct), 702-709



Jan Smuts Man of Courage and Vision

General Smuts: South Africa, `Makers of the Modern World’, Haus Publishing, 2010.  Also published as Jan Smuts Man of Courage and Vision, Jonathan Ball, Cape Town

`This excellent book ....A fascinating and inspiring read.'  David Pike, The Witness, 22 September 2010


'This excellent book by Antony Lentin is in a series which concentrates on the men (including Smuts) who shaped the Paris Peace Conference after the First World War. Lentin not only describes Smuts' contribution in Paris, but he also outlines his life from farm boy of the Western Cape to his state funeral in Pretoria 80 years later. Lentin does this in less than 200 pages (excluding references and the index), which is a tribute to his clear, elegant and economical English style.'  James Barber, 2010, South African Journal of International Affairs